Bourgeois Influences on Anarchism

Luigi Fabbri

Publisher: Seditionist Distribution

“In propaganda it’s always necessary to strike a chord which resonates in the human heart, and this will be impossible if you habituate your spirit to violence.”

Luigi Fabri, born on December 23, 1877, in Fabriano and was led a remarkable life that spanned from his early arrest at the age of 16 for creating anti-war literature to his impactful contributions to the libertarian press across Spain, France, and the United States during his eventual exile in Latin America.

This essay critically discusses the shortcomings and drawbacks of anarchist literature, and makes several arguments in favour of alternative approach to the prevalent rhetoric found in numerous publications at the time.

Author: Luigi Fabbri
Publisher: Seditionist Distribution
Publication Date: 2024 (Original - 1914)

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