The Forerunners of Anarchism


First hand accounts of the May Days in Barcelona 1987.


The May Days in Barcelona, often treated as a minor incident during the Spanish civil war, saw 500 killed and 1000 wounded, more than the first week of the military uprising in Bercelona on July 19 1936.

Published by Freedom Press in the book compiles eyewitness reports of the crushing counter-revolution from Augustin Souchy, Jose Peirats, Burnett Bolloten and Emma Goldman. This 'minor' incident in the Spanish Civil War claimed more casualties in the armed struggle that took place, than in the first week of the military uprising in Barcelona on July 19th 1936

Author: Émile Armand - Introduction by Reddebrek
Publisher: Seditionist Distribution
Publication Date: 2021 (Original - 1897)


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