Blue Gloves Mutual Aid aims to put IFAK kits in the hands of every organisation and Street Medic team in the UK and Europe. More than a basic first aid kit, an IFAK is designed as the first response to major trauma such as a gun shot or stabbing. While thankfully relatively uncommon in the UK, the realities of street organising means that we must be prepared. Unfortunately there is an economic barrier to access, with each kit cost in excess of £100.  Donations made here will go entirely to the BGMA fund. Alongside this 10% of every sale from Seditionist Distro (online, street, bookfair etc) plus 100% of the sale from this solidarity purchase (and the patches etc) will go towards our BGMA fund.

These kits will be issued on a weighted first come basis, if you would like a kit contact us and we'll add you to the list.

Each kit if composed of :
1 x A (comrade made) IFAK pouch1 x Nitrile examination gloves
1 x Trauma shears
1 x Foldable CPR mask
1 x Emergency blanket
1 x Tourniquet
1 x large dressing
1 x Chest seal (pair)
1 x Package z-fold hemostatic gauze
1 x Small permanent marker
1 x Trauma Bandage 15cm
1 x 3M Transpore Tape

To compliment this we will not only be printing Hakan Geijer's "Riot Medicine" over the coming months but also producing the first of what is likely to be a series of short form pamphlets and accessible guides. The fantastic artwork here by Jonas Goonface. You can download Riot Medicine here

Kits have been sent to:
Leeds AFN
Unaffiliated Parisian Street Medics

Donate by buying one of these items:
Solidarity Donation
Logo Patch
ACAB Patch