Trans Aid Cymru Mutual Aid Postcard Pack

Liberal Jane

Publisher: Seditionist Distribution

This five postcard set featuring the artwork of Liberal Jane ( is produced to mark Trans Awareness Week and Trans Day of Rememberance 2023.

Donations from this pack will be given to Trans Aid Cymru.

Trans Aid Cymru is a mutual aid group organized by a diverse team of trans and nonbinary people in South Wales. Our aim is to look after the material needs of trans, nonbinary and intersex people in our local community. you can find out more and support them directly at

Transgender Awareness Week runs from 13-19 November each year and is a one-week awareness and celebration event. The week is focused on highlighting both the steps forward and the unfinished work in the fight for transgender and non-binary equality. It leads up to Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) on November 20. On this day, victims of transphobic violence are commemorated.


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