A Modern Anarchism (Part 2): Anarchy

Daniel Baryon

Publisher: Seditionist Distribution

Second in a several part series in which Daniel "Anark" Baryon develops a modern synthesis of anarchism. It is not intended as an introduction to anarchism, but instead a broad coverage of anarchist ideas, discussing the state, Capital as Power, kyriarchy, the mega-machine, queer anarchism, Black anarchism, social ecology, decolonial ideas, and much more...

In part two Daniel lays out an analysis of the meaning of 'anarchy,' by first inspecting some of the historical conceptions of this idea by the anarchists, then combining insights from fields such as physics, complexity theory, systems analysis, emergence theory, chaos theory, and social ecology to understand it more completely.

This book is a transcription of Daniel's long form essays on which can be found at A Modern Anarchism Playlist.
You can also read these essay's on Libcom.


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