Lumpen 11 - The Land

Publisher: Class Work Project

Lumpen: A journal for poor and working class writers is exactly what it sounds like. First hand accounts of lives on the rock face of austerity, critical assessments of the state of the left, the UK, and the international.

Every issue is the best, but this one is definitely the best. The Land packs in (we really are getting fatter) writing on land rights, the suicidal state of Iran, melancholy stories exploring the classed experience of the built environment (those houses for you, these houses for us), poetic odes to trespass, explorations of agro-ecology, tales of working at the tip, essays about the need to reframe environmental politics to focus on desire, and actually a lot, lot more.

If you're interested in thinking about the Land, or even if you're not (it's interesting) this issue does a lot to help broaden the conversations around the many issues and concurrent crisis' happening around it.

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